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  • ISBN: 978-93-86906-01-4
  • Páginas: 300
  • Idioma: Español


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- Personal account of discovering the aura and flavor of Spain - Solo woman traveler's story - traveling beyond her comfort zone - Excellent choice for a tourist as well as an armchair traveler 'A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step...' Drawing on the riveting anecdotes of a solo Indian woman traveler, Notes from a Spanish Diary is a personal account of discovering the aura and flavor of Spain. Munching on the local cuisine and rambling along the lanes of Spanish history and culture, Ranjita Biswas has unfolded her indomitable experiences of traveling beyond her comfort zone, making this book an excellent choice for a tourist as well as an armchair traveler. The author, in her very own journalistic style, has set forth her chronicles of Spain her stories are poignant and tender, familiar and bizarre. The book may even send you off on your own adventure as you turn the pages and find her ambling on the trail of Flamenco and Mudejar art in Andalusia, discovering the stark resemblances of the Moorish architecture at Granada with that of Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Greek and even Japanese art forms, and savoring a paella at the fascinating cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Contents: Preamble to the Travelogue, A paella of flavours: Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Andalusia: On the trail of Flamenco and Mudejar art, Granada and Cordoba: East meets West, Northward to the Bay of Biscay, Santiago de Compostela: Pilgrim's progress.

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